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Glass Vaporgenie vs E-mesh vs Yocan vs APX Volt.

Smoking DMT can be the single most incredible experience. The process of doing it right however, is rather complicated. The first question that comes to mind is, what is the best pipe for DMT? In fact you want to vaporize your substance instead of smoking it. This allows for the DMT to not be burnt and thus lost, being the prefered way to get correct amounts of DMT in your body. There are numerous variables to consider, however. This starts with picking the best device for your journey. To take a load off your shoulders we have summarized the best vaporizers for DMT. We compared electrical and manual ones, all having their unique pros and cons.

The Glass Vapor Genie

The Glass Vapour Genie (GVG) is the grand master tool and one of the best pipes for DMT usage. Trusted by thousands of psychonauts worldwide, this glass pipe is the only manual tool on our list. It requires some trial and error to master and perfect the technique, but once you’ve got it the GVG will be a reliable companion for your DMT adventures. Even though it requires a lighter for usage, your flame will never touch and burn your substance. Instead, it will heat the air inside the ceramic chamber. Quite an incredible experience to see the vapor coming towards you through the pipe while you inhale.

How to use the GVG for DMT:

  1. What you need is the GVG, your spice, and a good lighter. Preferably a powerful torch one.

  2. There's a screen in the glass. Squeeze in like 2 or 3 more of them.

  3. Place a metal liquid pad on top of the screens.

  4. Preheat the liquid pad for a couple of seconds.

  5. Carefully scoop your substance on the hot liquid pad and let it pre-melt into the pad.

  6. After, close the glass with the ceramic filter.

  7. Get yourself ready. Deep breaths. Meditative state.

  8. Put the pipe on your lips and start inhaling very slowly while you hold the torch lighter slightly above the ceramic filter at an angle. Keep inhaling until the GVG is fully filled with vapor.

  9. Exhale fully. Then take a full toke. Get as much vapor in as you can. Hold it for 10-15 seconds. Exhale fully and repeat, while you continue to light the GVG. You have to move fast since the world around you is quickly changing. You should be able to clear all the vapor in 2-3 hits. If you are good, perhaps 1 big toke is enough. Try to hold your last toke in for as long as possible.


+ See-through.

+ Very good quality glass.

+ Feels like a classic pipe.

+ No batteries needed.

+ Easy to carry with you


- The GVG has a learning curve. It takes some tries to do it right.

- Fragile.

- You'd need extra liquid pads and pipe screens

- Reminds some people of a certain bodypart.

The most beautiful and complete package for the GVG is the the Portalbox. A high-end wooden toolbox, which holds all equipment for proper DMT use in one place. Including a trip journal with advise on how to take different psychedelics for personal development.


The Yocan Evolve is a cheap option that can be found online. Yocan is a Chinese brand popularized on websites like Aliexpress. To use the Evolve, you'll have to purchase additional 'coils' so that it's usable. This inexpensive electrical vape pen has the basics that a DMT vape should have, but is definitely not the best choice. Although Yocans look nice and sleak, the chamber is often too tight and has incorrect heating. The results are burnt spice, or not sufficiently heating spice, based on how charged your batteries are.

Sure, Yocan brings out a varient each few weeks or so. Hence, it's worthy to keep an eye out on their design.

How to use the Yocan for DMT:

  1. Screw the pen open and load the molecule into the ceramic donuts.

  2. Press the button and watch it melt for around 2 seconds.

  3. Screw everything back together.

Using the Yocan takes a technique that involves pressing the button and letting it go. It's best to hold the button for 2 seconds, then letting go for 1 second again while you smoke. Missing this step can result in incorrect temperatures.

  1. Hold the vapor if possible for at least 20 seconds in your lungs. It should not feel to harsh on your lungs if you have done the previous steps right.

  2. You should be transported to some interesting place, almost immediately after this.


+ Very affordable.

+ Easy to carry around with you.


- Depending on charged batteries.

- Chances to burn some spice.

- Temperature is not reliable.

- Cheap design.

- Loading chamber is too small.

- You'll need to purchase an extra 'ceramic donut'.

- Still takes about 2 or 3 hits to reach a breakthrough state, with inconsistent results.

Watch our video comparison, here:

APX Volt

The APX Volt is one of the most effective methods to vape DMT and amongst the favorites of the DMT online communities.

How to use the APX Volt for DMT:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and fill your cup with spice (I use 40mg)

  2. Turn the Volt on, and set it to 3.2 volts (for anything below 20mg I use 2.8 volts instead)

  3. Pre-melt your spice by tapping the button 3 or 4 times for a split second each time until you see the powder turn to liquid

  4. If you’re using the bubbler attachment, slot it onto your Volt, otherwise, put the mouthpiece back on. I cover the end of the bubbler/mouthpiece with a finger so nothing can escape, and hold the button down for 5 seconds ((you’ll see the cup start to glow, that’s when you want to let go before it burns it)

  5. Fully empty your lungs, press the button, then slowly and deeply inhale for as long as you can. After 4 seconds, let go for 1 second, then press for 4, and let go for 1. All whilst doing one long inhale. Repeat until you run out of lung space! Perhaps a second toke can be necessary.

  6. Hold your breath for as long as you can and enjoy the journey!

  7. You might need a couple of trials in order to get it right.


+ Comes with everything you need

+ Small and portable


- No temperature control

- More expensive than other options

The E-Mesh

The E-Mesh is more of a do-it-yourself construction than a ready-to-use device. It will require some fiddly work on you to build it. However, once set up it is an extremely reliable and easy-to-use method to vape DMT effectively.

How to use the E-Mesh for DMT:

  1. Gather the required pieces to assemble the Emesh

  2. Required pieces; battery mod, mattery mod mesh RDA, ss mesh sheet/roll, rechargeable battery, extended drip tip

  3. Cut mesh strip and shape into a T shape, and assemble the shape

  4. Change settings to tc-ss and set the temperature around 360-380F. hotter if you wish for a stronger smoke, but no higher than 400f or you will burn the spice

  5. add spice on top of the mesh strip

  6. press the vape button and inhale


+Easy to fully breakthrough in one hit

+Very smooth vapor on cooler settings, so excellent to those who don't smoke

+ No need to worry about a lighter

+ Uses all dmt, so none is wasted and breakthrough on smaller doses


- Assembly required

- Must reload after full hit

- Frequent cleaning required

- Reports of people not being able to put settings correctly

-Loading it takes time and is very inconvenient


As you can likely imagine by now, there are no one best DMT vape solution that work for everyone. Every DMT experience is different, and so is everyone's individual need when it comes to DMT devices. It requires some trial and error to understand what works best for you. We hope that this article can shine some light on the different and best practices out there. If you have chosen your favorite vaporizer and want to learn more about how to get a Breakthrough experience on DMT check out our article on this. At Portier, we believe that how you use psychedelics matters. We are designing the most beautiful equipment for your psychedelic journeys.

For further questions or feedback don't be shy and get in contact with us. Safe travels until then.


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