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Guide: The basics of breaking through on DMT

How do you break through on DMT? Having a breakthrough experience on DMT can be the most incredible experience one could ever dare to imagine. It is no surprise that many psychonauts chase to enter this indescribable state of altered consciousness. 

If you have any other tips, feel free to let us know. We'd love for this to become a living and evolving document.


Exactly this desire for experience might be what is eventually holding you back from going through the dimensional portal. The ego-mind easily falls into the trap of claiming a breakthrough as something to possess and wants to add it to its list of achievements. Breaking through on DMT, however, is a masterpiece of consciousness creation that can not be "accomplished" by the limited mechanisms of the illusory self. The first basic requirement for a great DMT experience is, therefore: To give up on the expectation and need for a major event to happen. Simply trust in what the universe has prepared for you and enjoy the journey. 

If this seems out of reach, one can at least give up the internal struggles coming with it. The first step is to realise if you are, deep down, craving an experience to polish your self-esteem. Notice your true intentions and allow them to be, and eventually let go. 

When you're ready, set an intension for your trip that is void of ego. Perhaps you want to explore the universe? Perhaps you want to live more fully in your 'sober' reality? Before you go into the experience it's always wise to have a single intent in mind, pursuing this with pure loving intentions in mind for yourself and the world around you.



Make sure you're already in a healthy and comfortable mindstate before you enter the realm. This means not tripping when you're intoxicated on something else, or taking it in combination with medicins. If you're not sure, research dangerous combinations. A good place to start is here.

Don't start out taking this substance without any prior experience with psychedelics. If you're new to the psychedelic scene, we recommend trying other more moderate psychedelics first. It takes years for usual psychonauts to try DMT, and even then it's best to start with low doses. Don't rush into it. Get the proper experience and information first.

Your body as your vessel

Your body is your travel medium. Just as you would prepare and check your car before a long road trip, prepping your body for the DMT experience is a crucial step. Cleanse yourself by only eating whole foods the days previous to your trip and try to resist heavily processed meals. Ancient cultures noticed the power of committing to certain kinds of diets before their psychedelic journeys. Indigenous cultures in South-America are seeing it as a form of respect to their spirit medicines, like Ayahuasca, to resist stimulating ingredients like salt and sugar. There is of course no evidence that machine elves would judge you on your diet and wherever you had steamed vegetables or McDonald's prior to your trip. It might be something worth validating for yourself, however. Some veteran trippers swear by a vegetarian diet, with a focus on removing pork from a diet.


Next to the digestion system, you should certainly take care of your thought processing machine. A daily meditation habit can work wonders here. Becoming aware of the internal noises constantly that are dominating your days. No need to judge yourself if your life currently feels hectic and overloaded. Just notice any resistance you are currently holding within. Letting go of resistance will give yourself massive benefits for the transitioning/ waiting room phase during your next DMT trip.  

Set & Setting

To lay the foundational work for a great DMT trip one must first create the perfect setting. Find a space that you feel comfortable in. One that can keep you there for at least an hour without any potential dangers or interruptions. Put your phone on silent. Next to the more obvious factors like comfortable lightning and a cozy ground to lay on, certain other arrangements can boost your chances to break through. Find yourself the perfect sound to get into an adventurous mood or tarry in silence for some moments.

Trip sitting

We highly recommend having a trusted friend or partner being there to assist you in a sober state. This person can make sure that you are safe from start to beginning. Hazards he/she can help avoid are pipe-burns, fire hazards, and putting you on your side in case you become sick (choking hazard). Make sure you trust this person fully, and that he/she has expert know-how on what's happening.


Are you sure you're getting good grade DMT? Is it NN-DMT, 5-meo, or changa? If you're not the producer, you might want to test your material before you fly out. The Hofman Test kit can help you distinguish different psychedelic substances. It doesn't measure purity however.


Each substance needs different ways of consumption and dosing. Measure your spice on a high quality 4 digit scale. We recommend always looking up on Erowid what the correct dosage and effects are for your substance, also to calm the mind before your trip. Please be aware that you need a lot less spice when inhaling 5-meo dmt.

There are numerous opinions on how much DMT will get you a breakthrough experience. Most people say it happens somewhere between 30 and 50mg. How much DMT will end up in your system is at the end dependent on your consumption skills and method of consumption. An electric e-mesh will need less spice than a vaporgenie.

Vaporizers DMT can be quite harsh on the lungs, and getting a breakthrough dose in your lungs is not an easy task. Many of us try to hunt down the best techniques on the internet, and search results often provide mixed opinions. Some prefer manual vaporizers as you're not reliant on batteries and technology. Whilst others prefer electronic methods. We do not recommend using inexpensive vaporizers, pipes, lightbulbs, or bongs. If you're still set on doing it cheap, educate yourself on the basics shown here. We prefer methods that provide more consistent breakthrough experiences.

This tried and tested glass version of the 'classic' vaporgenie is probably the most recommended option. It has a bigger loading space and is easier to clean. It also has the benefit of being able to see your vapor. We recommend buying an extra liquid drip-pad on top of a regular pipe screen. Heat up this pad and sprinkle the correct dose on top so it melts to the steel. Then, place it in the bottom part on top of a stack of three pipe screens. Pop the top-part on and hold a blue-flamed torch lighter at an angle when inhaling. You need at least three proper inhales (holding each at least 10 seconds). We recommend using a trip sitter to hold the Sherlock because you will be mentally somewhere else after the second hit.

A do-it-yourself project that is gaining a big following. It doesn't cost more than $100,- and you won't need to take three hits. One hit will do. We will be experimenting with this method soon, and recommend watching this video from our fellow psychonaut Adeptus Psychonautica.

The mighty or Crafty (Storz & Bickl)

Two of the best options out there. These electronic vaporizers are costly. But if you want something that works absolutely great, these are it.

Entering the portal 

Time to let go and surrender to whatever happens. Letting go of "your own identity" can be a terrifying and extremely challenging process. But when reality starts breaking apart and you are falling through the patterns of exploding lights and colors, you simply don’t have much choice. If you prepared correctly and you have a buddy to tripsit for you, you will be more easily able to let go. 'Letting go' is an important aspect of breaking through. If you fight the experience, your mind will be kept within the portal or 'waiting room'.

If you've prepared correctly, your experience will be so transcendent and extraordinary that you will come back knowing you had a breakthrough trip. For many it is the most incredible experience of their life.

Coming back

Coming back to the "real world“ is another experience for itself. It can very much feel like leaving instead of coming home. Although you might not bring anything back except the pure certainty that you have just witnessed a most unimaginable truth. We believe that writing your experience down is an essential step to take. The lessons gathered might be too complex to grasp but you will benefit later from writing your experience down as long as it is fresh. If writing is not exactly what you are feeling like, then sketching or voice recording yourself is a great alternative. Do not hold back and solely release whatever is coming out of your mouth. If you have not made it through the portal yet, describing your sensations and possible fears will help you, later on, to prepare for your next travels. 

Feel free to share your trip experiences with us, or on great online portals such as Reddit/r/DMT, The shroomery, DMT Nexus (Closed for new registrants), or great Facebook pages like DMT Changed my Life.

For more thorough information on preparing body and mind, consider ordering our Portalbook

If you have any other tips, feel free to let us know. We'd love for this to become a living and evolving document.


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