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Optimize your Set & Setting

Have all the necessary tools and information for storing and respectfully using DMT and other psychedelics for personal growth.

Introducing the Portalbox
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Handmade Premium Wooden Stash Box with Accessoires

Upgrade to a more Sacred Psychedelic Ceremony

Our premium wooden stash box for psychedelics has everything to get the most out of your journeys for your personal growth. From your guidebook to precise measuring tools.

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Safely Store the Best Tools

• Precision mg scale (0.001gr)

• Optional DMT pipe (GvG)

• Vaporizer upgrades and custom torch

• Guidebook and integration journal

• Handmade lockable rosewood box

• Modular storage space

• Airtight childproof storage glasses

• Community access


Pay it Forward

By buying our premium wooden stash box you support psychedelic research, education, policymaking, and conservation. 


What Others are Saying


"Duncan Trussell here!! It’s amazing! What a wonderful way to create a sacred storage space for our dimension hopping technologies. They deserve more than drawers and cigar boxes and ziplock bags! You two clearly understand set and setting. I’m proud to be an owner of this glorious box.God bless you and save travels!"

- Duncan Trussel


Get The Most out of
your Psychedelic Journey

We often receive the question "How to smoke DMT?" Giving the right answer is not so easy. Psychedelics are not a quick fix. You need proper information and care. So we made the ultimate solution that guides you all the way from preparation to integration.


Made in Amsterdam,
and co-created with Thousands of Psychonauts Worldwide

Manifested by and for the psychedelic community. Together we answered the question 'why isn't the psychedelic session more like a Japanese tea ceremony?' 


Learn a Lot More about Psychedelics and Proper Use

Our freely included Portalbook allows you to optimally prepare and integrate the experiences you have. Besides functioning as a journal, it is filled with information about all kinds of psychedelics and their practices.

Beautifully designed with help of the following visionary artists:

Luis Tamani, Ayjay Art, Geenss Archenti, Hakan HisimJulian Garces, Cosmic JesterSunTerryAshley ChristudasonBart van Hertum, Gavinger, Lachlan Wardlaw, Spero Art, and Shane Sedlak.

The book comes included inside the Portalbox, but is also available as a separate product.


Modular storage for all your sacraments


Each product is uniquely handmade


Free worldwide discreet shipping


Community access for advice and support

The effects of psychedelics heavily depend on the context and can be harmful to the individual if not taken in the right situation. Breakthrough experiences can’t be rushed. Psychedelics are not for everyone and they are not magical cures for ailments. We do not endorse nor condone the use of illegal substances, and neither do we ship anything illegal. We are just providing the highest quality information alongside beautiful artwork and harm-reduction tools. We aim to make the best wooden stash box for psychedelics, informing about safe use. If psychedelics are not legally allowed in your area, you can use the psychedelic storage box as a beautiful piece of art and source for information. Always be sure to double-check with multiple sources before making important decisions such as taking something that's new to you, like a psychedelic.

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We Support Veterans

Has the Spirit Molecule helped you significantly with your mental health or PTSD? Reach out for a special offer and advice.


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Our podcast is our deep journey into the realm of psychedelics. Here, we discuss the fringes of our reality, as a duo and with experts.

Our mission? Get answers to life's most interesting questions, and provide the most epic tools for your personal growth with psychedelics.

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