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Optimally break through with your spirit molecule. 

Everything a modern psychonaut needs for a high-quality, respectful set & setting.

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Your breakthrough ritual, ready to go

End the search for best practices. This kit has everything you need, safely stored and clearly explained.

A high-end ceremonial experience

We respect and care deeply about the wisdom that comes with these substances. This box is our ultimate homage to the psychedelic experience and ancient shamanic cultures across the world.

Optimising your experience

We strive to provide only the best tools  and technologies for personal growth and exploration.

Our contribution

We aren't perfect, but for each product sold, $10 goes to support psychedelic science, education, and indigenous rights. Your contribution goes to Erowid, Amazon Frontlines, DM T Quest, and a well-known research foundation. We're making sure the box is made sustainably, and the booklet is made with vegan leather. Two trees are planted through Bergwald Reforestation to offset our carbon footprint.

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Be quick to get 30$ off your pre-ordered Portalbox. Packages will arive in September. We're not a big commercial brand. We believe in something greater than just a 'shop'. We put a high value on quality, safety, and respect for psychedelic. 



• Lock and key

• Handmade premium rosewood shell with molecule engraving and pyramid ornaments, to pay tribute to these ancient rituals.

• Large interchangeable storage sections to fit any equipment.

• Extra equipment for optimal use.



• 64 Pages with information on set & setting, respectful use, and guides on various psychedelics.

• Features 64 blank dotted pages for integration work.

• Artwork from incredible visionary artists.

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• Precision scale, loader, spoon, and calibration weight.

• Reliable metal torch lighter

• Storage vials and airtight childproof jar for on the go.

• Pipe screens and liquid pads to optimize vaping.

• Vaporizer (GvG) - sold separately



Enter the community with like-minded people. Optimally prepare for, and discuss experiences. Get access to our co-creation space, and be invited to our digital meetups. 

Tea Set

Our mission

We are two friends from Amsterdam who thought this ceremony should be high-end, like a Japanese tea ceremony.

We believe in safe, respectful use, and that psychedelics deserve a more central place in our lives.

When we posted our first design idea on Reddit, we received lots of attention. This is when we decided to take things seriously. We started a brand called "Portier" and are working full steam on a future where psychedelics are taken into the light and out of the shadows. Read all about it here.

We are moved by a tremendous passion for these powerful tools. Let's push the envelope on the way these are consumed. Together we can raise the standard for the way they are used.


Collaborating artists

From the community

“Instead of having to search all over the place this elegantly removes a source of stress/chaos from the setting. It helps set the proper mindset and setting. Finally something pays tribute to the actual experience as we know it. 

Keep up the awesome work.“

A lovely community member

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It's time to set
the new standard