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Become a partner of Portier

Choose your option:

📣 Earn money by giving discounts to others.


📷 Request a product, and create content.


🎧 Collaborate on a podcast epsiode or  share a sponsored message.

Podacst sponsor / guest

Happy Young People
Happy Young People


Earn money by giving a personalised discount code to your network, followers, friends, and family. We make it easy by providing you with photos and template-copy.

As a standard rate, we give 10% to you while you give 10% away to others, on our boxes. Get started by signing up below:

If you want a different rate, contact us here.

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Content creator

You can request a box and make your own photos or videos. We'll discuss the format, such as a review or unboxing. Please note that we will have to filter through applications to see if it's a (sizable) match.

Let us know more about you, and let's bring a cool content idea to life.



Do you want to be a guest on our podcast? Or do you want your message to reach a psychedelic audience?

We're taking on new guests and sponsors. Also, Koen and/or Sebastian are available to appear on your podcast.


Please reach out below and we'll take it from there.

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