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Continuing in our tradition of optimization and improvement, we've collected a number of music journeys, guided meditations, and breathwork videos to aid your work with plant medicines. These can be enjoyed with or without your medicine of choice, but to get you started, we've added a recommended medicine, as well as a general vibe to guide your decision.



La Oración

Recommended medicine: Mushrooms, Changa

Vibe: Cosmic, organic, ambient

Artist: N Λ T U R R I T U

Length: 2 Hours


Recommended medicine: Changa

Vibe: Shamanic, spiritual, ambient

Artist: Poranguí & Liquid Bloom

Length: 1 Hour 

The Egregore

Recommended medicine: Mushrooms, Changa

Vibe: Ethereal, cosmic, ambient

Artist: Lightcode

Length: 1 Hour 

Portier Triplist

Recommended medicine: LSD, Mushrooms

Vibe: Upbeat, electronic

Artist: Mixed, curated by the Portier community

Length: 22 Hours 12 Minutes

Recommended medicine: Mushrooms, MDMA

Vibe: Soothing, instrumental, classical

Artist: Mixed

Length: 6 Hours

Psychedelic Music + Meditation

Recommended medicine: Mushrooms, DMT, Changa

Vibe: Global, spiritual, meditative

Artist: Mixed

Length: 11.5 Hours



Listen, Dream

Vibe: Tranquil

Artist: Alan Watts

Length: 16 Minutes

Waking Up

Vibe: Mindfulness, vocal

Guide: Sam Harris

Length: 15 Minutes

Receiving Life in Open Awareness

Vibe: Relaxed, vocal

Guide: Tara Brach

Length: 17 Minutes

Blissful Deep Relaxation

Vibe: Blissful, vocal

Artist: The Honest Guys

Length: 18 Minutes



DMT Release

Vibe: Psychedelic

Guide: Namashai Yoga

Length: 25 Minutes


Vibe: Musical

Guide: Steve Rio

Length: 10 Minutes

Wim Hof Method

Vibe: Holistic

Guide: Wim Hof

Length: 11 Minutes

Vibe: Spiritual

Guide: Othership

Length: 52 Minutes

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