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Shipping update August/September

Dear valued supporter of our project,

Thank you for your continuing support, trust, and attention. We hope you're having a beautiful and sacred Summer. The world is changing. The weather is getting more extreme, and modern society seems to be in need of safe, respectful, high-quality psychedelic healing. Let's do our part in that movement.

While my co-founder Sebastian is on a psychedelic session, field-testing his Portalbox in the mountains of Switzerland, I'm knee-deep in logistics. Getting our box past customs isn't as easy as it sounds. For instance, our lighters and batteries were declined by customs - they made our box a 'dangerous goods'. That's not something we want to have, do we?.. Thus, the batteries have to be left out and the lighter has to be shipped via another route. We're sorry for this inconvenience. For more instant updates, follow us on Instagram.

Good news

We're starting fulfilment at the beginning of September, and release tracking codes in chronological order. We've decided to pay some extra money out of pocket to have the early supporters get their box by plane instead of boat. Those who ordered in February will get the first boxes. We're getting some pressuring messages from some of you who can't wait until the box arrives, and we fully understand.

The future looks bright

In the past weeks, we've had the pleasure to connect with amazing projects in the psychedelic space like FungiAcademy and HighExistence. We have amazing plans 🍄 📦 🍄 for the future and we can't wait to share them with you, but now we're full focus on the Portalbox launch. It's very exciting for us as well, as we have no idea how you guys will react. We can't wait to send out your track & trace codes to those who ordered, soon....!

Don't forget, we'll be launching new design concepts soon. So keep your eyes peeled on this newsletter and our socials to see how you can build the future of psychedelics.

Have a beautiful weekend, we'll be in touch again shortly.



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