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Setting a New Standard for Sacred Use

We're giving traditional sacredly used sacred plant medicine the most beautiful places they deserve in our Western society. We build premium tools to honor and optimally support your safe and respectful use for personal development.


Respecting our Teacherplants

In our eyes, plant medicines deserve the highest amount of reverence. They have been used for thousands of years to explore the frontiers of human potential, and for many, they have changed lives for the better. Contemporary research continuously validates a tremendous potential for positive growth and healing, when used correctly.

We believe it's time for a business with the heart in the right place. It was built by and for the community at large. Together, we push the boundaries of what tools look like that support use of nature's most interesting molecules, overcoming issues of negative Western influences. In our eyes, in this 21st century, we can combine scientific (harm reduction) information and be open to much older sacred aspects of these tools, using them for health, innovation, and personal development.


Safe, Sacred Ceremonies

We support a healthy integration of plant medicine in society. We acknowledge that the largest amount of people will explore consciousness within a personal setting, not just in a medical- or retreat space. Correct use and information are vital to healthy people's access to exploring consciousness an optimal way.

We started by asking, "Why is home use not more like a Japanese tea ceremony?". Improper use starts by hiding these tools in a hidden shoebox, followed by not having access to the right information and tools. 


By introducing ceremony we automatically imply more conscious and respectful use, giving reverence to centuries of use and not squandering their potential. Rituals are vital for creating an optimal set & setting.

We work closely with the larger community to put forth beautiful boxes that optimize the journey for the user, from intention to integration. With crystal clear guidance, tools, and free access to a support network. The word "Portier" means 'doorman'. Together with you, we safeguard the door to these tools and their reputation worldwide. You are a vital stakeholder in this mission. We welcome you to join the journey and become a member of Portier yourself.

Giving Back

We believe it's important to have our energy flow into organizations that matter on various fronts: policy, education, and (indigenous) conservation. By purchasing one of our products you're making an impact.

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Made in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the home we work from, but our project is worldwide. Rooted in both science and tolerance for all sorts of cultures and traditions - also when it comes to the freedom of exploring your own consciousness. 


Koen's background is in the creative industry, but he worked with governmental organizations and NGOs for a decade creating large-scale campaigns on the proper use of substances, and informing the public about scientifically proven information for harm reduction purposes. He assisted organizations like Mainline (harm reduction education), the OPEN Foundation (psychedelic research), Spinoza and Synthesis (legal, medically supervised retreats).


Sebastian worked NGOs in the Amazonian and Andean regions, protecting indigenous rights movements for pursuing traditions with plant medicines.



Our podcast is our deep journey into the realm of consciousness. Here, we discuss the fringes of our reality, as a duo and with experts. We discuss the answers to life's most interesting questions, and provide insight into optimal ways for personal growth. We talk to people of all disciplines. from scientists to non-profit foundations.

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