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Keep it sacred.

Portier supports the safekeeping and respectful private use of plant medicine, merging modern design with traditional wisdom, community insights, and contemporary scientific findings. Our educational resources and tools promote safe personal growth and conscious exploration, reflecting the profound impact of plant medicine on science, art, innovation, and mental well-being.


Psychedelics have a rich history spanning thousands of years, offering transformative experiences. Ongoing research, although still in its infancy, shows that they are capable of providing profound insights and improving mental well-being if used correctly.


We believe it's time for a conscientious initiative, by and for the community, that is not merely focused on health care. One that acknowledges millions of people who are actively exploring consciousness from the safety of their own homes. People who believe that we should can open up to ceremony with plant medicine in order to be better members of this huge interconnected network of beings. 


While our products use science-based information to inform of potential risks, they also honor the significant role plant medicine has in well-being and innovation. We underline the issue that stigmatized and hidden use usually adds to the problem of personal and collective misuse.

At Portier, we intertwine product design, science, and art to foster a deeper, more respectful engagement with psychedelic experiences. We actively collaborate with a broad community of experts in the field to shape products of a high standard that include vital science-based information and beautifully curated tools. Besides the function of safekeeping, a beautiful ceremonial framework can help shine a light on respectful and intentional use.

Our global journey has thousands of psychonauts chipping in from all over the world through surveys and panels to steer our product creation in the right direction. Together, we raise the standards around safe, respectful, and quality use. 

Ayahuasca Chapter

Giving Back.

We believe it's important to support causes that matter on various fronts within the psychedelics scene: policy, education, and conservation. By purchasing one of our products you're making a small yet important contribution to several organizations.

Portier Supplies
Portier Supplies
Portier Supplies

+ Various research organisations

Made in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam serves as our home base, but our project has a global reach. Our foundation is built on a blend of science and an appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions.

Our team brings a diverse background to the table. We've spent over a decade collaborating with governmental organizations and NGOs, spearheading campaigns promoting responsible substance use. Our support has extended to organizations like Mainline (dedicated to harm reduction education), the OPEN Foundation (pioneering psychedelic research), as well as Spinoza and Synthesis (providers of legal, medically supervised retreats). In addition, some of our team members actively engage with NGOs in the Amazonian and Andean regions, supporting initiatives focused on indigenous rights and legal retreats.

Portal box made in Amsterdam
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