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About the Initiative

Psychedelics are powerful teachers

In our eyes, they deserve the highest amount of reverence. They have been used for thousands of years to explore the absolute frontiers of human potential. Current research is slow to catch up with their extraordinary potential, proven for centuries by shamanic cultures across the globe. A potential to collectively and individually generate positive growth and healing.

We are leading the transition towards approachability, safety, and quality in psychedelic use. Subpar experiences are not only negative for the user, it negatively impacts the reputation of psychedelics as a whole.

We believe today's psychedelic startups are too medically focused on patents and profits, losing sight of the sacred aspects. There is a lack of psychedelic initiatives with the heart in the right place: built by and for the psychedelic community. One that focuses on optimizing psychedelic journeys also for 'healthy' people.

We build psychedelic tools for dedicated explorers. Finally providing an answer to the global use of improper tools, preparation, and integration.


It's definitely time to change the status quo. The world is ready.


Respect the Ritual

We're setting a new quality standard for psychedelic use, by pushing the boundaries of what a psychedelic tool looks like. With an eye for the sacred, the safety, and the quality. We asked 'Why isn't a DMT ceremony more like a Japanese tea ceremony?'


We want to take psychedelics out of the shadows of your closets and society. By making beautiful practical homages we recognize their ancient benefits to us as humans, in a modern way. By creating a ritual set & setting.

Co-creation with the psychedelic community is our cornerstone. As such, we started by connecting with thousands of psychonauts and experts on the internet. People from all continents gave input for a full kit that optimizes the journeys for its user, from intention to integration. A kit with rock-solid guidance, tools, and free access to a support network. Together with you we continuously create new innovative psychedelic products that facilitate safe, respectful, high-quality use of psychedelics. Each purchase also contributes to psychedelic science, education, and conservation.

Our first product is a complete kit for DMT that irradicates a long search for practical tools. It focuses on optimizing the user's psychedelic growth, lessening anxiety and chances of bad practices. And because we do not discriminate between psychedelics, this is just the beginning.. Just wait for our fantastic fungi box.

Friends from Amsterdam

We are Koen and Sebastian, two friends from Amsterdam. We are moved by a tremendous passion for these powerful tools. When we made a concept drawing of the Portalbox for Reddit, thousands of people wanted us to bring this into reality. That's when we decided to dedicate our lives to psychedelics and psychonauts worldwide. We called our startup 'Portier', meaning doorkeeper. And you are as much of an important aspect of this mission as a supporter and thus, co-creator.

Koen has been serving the world of psychedelics by assisting organizations like the OPEN Foundation (psychedelic research), Synthesis (legal, medically supervised psychedelic retreats) and Mainline (drugs & health education). Sebastian's (German, 28) growing interest in psychedelics and their potential for personal and spiritual exploration led him to choose to work with non-profit foundations that work with indigenous populations of the Amazonian and Andean regions, protecting their freedom of pursuing their ancient traditions and medicines like Ayahuasca.


Portier Psychedelic Podcast

Our podcast is our deep journey into the realm of psychedelics. Here, we discuss the fringes of our reality, as a duo and with experts.

Our mission? Get answers to life's most interesting questions, and provide the most epic tools for your personal growth with psychedelics.


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We are unable to get the word out via a mainstream platforms and face constant bans and stigmatisation.

It's a tough journey and we’re reliant on word-of mouth.


If you know of people who want us on their Podcast, or write about us: please shoot us a message.

Together, let's raise the standards for psychedelic use.