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Ceremonybox, the latest updates.

The Ceremonybox is our latest flagship project that many of you preorderd, where we listen to your feedback and consolidate it into one of the World's most pioneering tribute to psychedelics. Within the last months we've listened to your feedback and made a few changes to the design. Here they are, outlined.

Portier Ceremonybox Ceremony box

• Highest quality dark wood, and lock.

The wood was quite a point of debate, as some of you wanted bamboo coloured wood. Rest assured, we went back to the fine quality and style of the Portalbox. You will get the best wood in a dark colour.

We improved the lock over the previous Portalbox, and as some of you lost keys, we will include a spare one. Perhaps, you can also give one to a loved one you can share the box with?

• Black velvet interior

First, we had the idea to include 'mushroom leather' inside the box. After testing multiple mushroom leather coverings, I learned that the original satin cover was much more pleasant to the eyes during a psychedelic ceremony. Using a beige color seemed like a good idea in our minds and in 3D renderings, but it didn't translate as well in real life. Moreover, the mushroom leather was prone to staining, and some samples I ordered turned out not to be genuine mushroom material (scammers). The light color appeared quite 'busy' during a trip and detracted from the actual beauty of the plant material inside the glass containers. Hence, after reviewing the options with a handful of community supporters and close friends, we reverted to our classic black aesthetic, which looks absolutely great in real life: black satin and black velvet covering with soft cushioning. It pairs stunningly with the wood and enhances the appeal of the plant medicine inside the glass.

Ceremonybox Tea kit mushrooms

• Real marble stone plates for ceremony and incense.

It goes without saying that the Ceremonybox should be the highest quality piece of psychedelic furniture that has been made on a large scale. That’s why the two plates inside the Ceremonybox will be made from genuine marble.

The stone trays that slide open, are a nod to miso American cultures who used psychedelic plant medicine ritualistically. Like a temple door, they slide open, and close, to form a platform for your tea. helping you anchor your intention and express gratitude for the plant medicine you're about to consume. I will provide detailed instructions on how to use the box optimally and create a meaningful (mushroom tea) ceremony in our guided video.

The stone plates feature small holes designed to accommodate two incense sticks, allowing you to light them over your tea during preparation or throughout your ceremony.

This choice for real marble increase the box's weight, so know that you have the option to remove them if you need to travel with the box. All in all the shipping costs will be enormous on our side, but it’s a needed sacrifice, as the mission is to get you the best box possible and make a solid statement about psychedelics across the world.

Portier Ceremonybox tools

• Handmade bamboo tea tools

The tea tools are hand-carved from light bamboo, matching the lids on the jars. I asked your feedback on the rollup pouch (Chakin), and many of you expressed appreciation for the current design, appreciating its nod to ancient Eastern cultures that utilized psychedelics, while keeping it universally applicable. Within, you'll find utensils (Cha Jia, Chá Sháo, and Chá Zè) that simplify transferring your mushrooms or other substances from the grinder to your cup, stirring the contents to make the ideal tea. Detailed usage instructions will be covered in the video accompanying the box—simply scan the QR code on the explanation card included in the box.

• A new third eye on top of the box

The logo engraving on the box has been enhanced, upgrading from golden paint (used in Portalbox and Portalcase) to a golden metal plate that’s engraved into the box.

Many followers requested a more neutral-looking symbol atop the box. Feedback from some who pre-ordered suggested that such a design might prompt them to conceal the box when having visitors, which contradicts our goal of bringing psychedelics into a more positive light. Consequently, I opted for a new logo design. It took a while to find the right one that is less 'druggy' compared to the DMT eye molecule on the Portalbox, aiming to reduce the urge to hide the box from guests.

That’s when I stumbled on the "Vesica Pisces," also known as the "All-Seeing Eye.” It is one of the strongest shapes symbolising the border between our physical world and the spiritual. It is the main symbol of divine creation, and we believe that this in turn stands for us, using psychedelics and our imagination to manifest Portiers products. It’s a symbol of the divine ‘womb’ where everything is created from, and stands perfectly now as the primary icon for Portier. It stands for you, and your psychedelic journeys beyond

• Sliding & removable shelves

We wanted to top drawer to slide open, like a temple door revealing a new space. Another feature requested by (you) our community. the side drawers not only slide open to the sides, but are also magnetically removable. This design offers several advantages. The drawers can be combined to form an external plateau or used separately, facilitating easier tea preparation, such as transporting materials to the kitchen. It simplifies serving guests, enhances cleaning convenience, and improves access to items stored below. We tested the sides, and came to the conclusion that the box needed stronger magnets, which are being inserted into the wood.

Mushroom ceremonybox

• Airtight storage containers

The aim isn't merely for you to store your materials airtight; we want you to appreciate them visually. That's why I’ve included jars that can be flipped upside down to produce a 'look-through' effect. The glass slightly magnifies the contents, offering a true 'homage' to the plant medicines and molecules within. These jars are airtight, ensuring safe storage for mushrooms, cannabis, cacao, or other dried plants and materials.

• New ceramic cups

We tested many, many cups, but these are the winners. We include 2x beautifully painted ceramic cups, one for you and another for a companion you may wish to join in the ceremony. Alternatively, the second cup can serve as a holder for your Palo Santo and sage* or tealights. Insights gained from a traditional Chinese tea ceremony with a ceremonymaster informed the ideal cup size. I've selected small, intimate cups to enhance your connection with the plant medicine. Each cup is unique, adorned with a distinctive blue pattern; blue symbolizing the presence of psilocybin in mushrooms.

NB: I’ve opted not to include Palo Santo or Sage as there are valid concerns about unsustainable global overharvesting.

• Portalbook & online videos

The Portalbook will continue to be included to honor and support the visionary artists who contributed their artwork for the boxes. This Portalbook, well-received by the earliest supporters of Portier, has proven its value over time. Providing essential psychedelic information on dosages, substances, integration, and preparation is crucial. We advocate for informed use only, and the book includes a section for you to jot down insights from your journeys for integration purposes.

For those who already own a Portalbox or Portalcase, and thus already have a Portalbook, we're introducing a surprise (to be revealed soon) in the box as a substitute as well as provide an online resource with videos on conducting the perfect tea ceremony using the box. This link will also offer access to ceremonial music, meditations, and guided breathwork sessions.

• Storage vials

Included in the box are 9x storage vials. Four larger ones and three smaller ones, plus two spares. The larger vials are designed to store various substances (DMT, M, or other molecules), while the smaller ones are ideal for finer microdoses. Feel free to arrange them as you please, customizing the box to your liking. The vials are discreetly placed underneath the marble stones and scale, to ensure that the box doesn't appear too overwhelming at first glance, catering to those who prefer a subtler presentation.

• Tea infuser

The 'teapot,' has undergone extensive testing to ensure its quality. It boasts a minimalist 'chemist' look, a deliberate choice over a bulkier or more expressive teapot design. The neutral glass look allows the attention goes fully to the plant brew inside, which is beautiful to see.

For tea preparation, it's designed with two compartments and a filter in between. This setup lets you separate mushroom pieces (which some prefer to consume separately) from other ingredients you might want to infuse into your tea, like ginger or different types of tea leaves.

It’s airtight, so you can even use it for extra plant medicine storage if needed.

• Bigger storage space

The teapot and tea tools can be removed to reveal to large storage sections. At the bottom lies cushioned soft satin padding, ideal for safely storing valuable items like lighters, bongs, or other tools and plant medicine.

•  Larger mushroom grinder

I've enlarged the grinder, which is now gold coloured, like the engraving, hinges, and lock. We wanted it to look like a sun, at the center of the box. Something beautiful and positive that is revealed after lifting up the scale.

Ofcourse, it’s main function is its ability to finely grind your mushrooms. While it's not electric, it's designed to break down the mushrooms into finer bits and pieces effectively. The included screen, also suitable for cannabis, aids in the tea-making process by filtering out mushroom chitin from the brew, reducing the likelihood of nausea during the onset of a trip. How you can do this will be explained in our video tutorial.


I hope the updates resonate with you. Your support and patience mean the world to me, and I'm excited to hear your thoughts on these enhancements.

With much appreciation,


Founder & Product Designer - Portier


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