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Portalbox Production Timeline

Dear reader,

Thanks for your continuing support, anticipation, and patience. We've mapped out a timeline so that anyone can look over the shoulder of our process. We're happy to be as transparent as possible and we hope you're as proud as we are of the process that has led up until this final stretch - especially you who have followed us on Reddit for quite some time. Those who have supported us at the start of the pre-order period will be the first to obtain their boxes, with a chronological order that follows.

We understand it's quite a long time but considering most products take years to develop, we'd ask you to hold tight, we're on top of getting these boxes to you safely. We'll include something extra in the box for the long wait. Even if it's small, it's a token of our appreciation to you guys: the worldwide support network. This is truly a global effort, with artists, researchers, explorers, suppliers, authors, and entrepreneurs from all continents working together to create a solid Portalbox.

This is not just a product, it's a journey we're on together. Something we've manifested together.

For the last steps (see the yellow line?) we'll have to thread carefully. Much depends on the speed of freights from overseas. Quality inspections will have to be done twice. Once via an independent company because of COVID travel restrictions, and partially by us for the European orders. For final shipping we've partnered up with a warehouse called "monthly boxer" in New York who can help us distribute the packages more easily in the United States. In Europe, we're partnering with DHL Express.

We're actually super ecstatic to officially have a warehouse in the U.S.

So many items are moved across the planet via air and water, that we're constantly checking if everything goes alright. Sometimes a freight is delayed, but things are moving...slowly. Having sold many digital products like websites........the world of 'physical' products can be painstakingly slow. However, we love the learning process and getting better by the day. Simultaneously we're optimising the process so that when pre-orders are closed, things will move much more streamlined.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach out to us.

Safe travels,

Sebastian & Koen


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