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How To Store Psychedelic Mushrooms

So, you want to learn how to store your psychedelic mushrooms in the best way possible? We’ve got you covered.

Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, is a delicate substance that degrades quickly if not stored properly. The good news is that storing psychedelic mushrooms is not rocket science, but you must follow some criteria if you want to keep their potency.

It would be beneficial to avoid common mistakes such as exposing them to

heat, light, and air. Effective preservation not only ensures their potency but also prevents the formation of germs and mold, which would render them dangerous for eating. Follow our guidelines and don’t worry about spoilage!

Stability of Psilocybin

Let’s dive into the science for a moment, before giving you the optimal solutions. Psilocybin tends to degrade when exposed to air, heat, and direct light, leading to a decrease in potency during the storage period. Even if the conditions are ideal, psilocybin will still degrade as time passes by.

A study conducted in April 2020 at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Czech Republic, revealed a noteworthy reduction in alkaloid concentration after just one month of storage in the dark at room temperature. This finding implies that prolonged storage could decrease the potency even more.

a photo of items where psychedelic mushrooms are stored

A different research conducted over an 11-week period focused on the stability of psilocybin as well as other psychoactive compounds found in psychedelic mushrooms, psilocin, and baeocystin. A sample of dried P. Cubensis mushrooms was stored at room temperature away from UV light making sure that temperature fluctuations never exceeded 20°C (68°F). The study concluded that after an 11-week period, psilocybin content decreased by 9%. However, the most notable drops were in psilocin (32%) and baeocystin, where only 0.1% of the compound remained in the mushrooms.

Best Ways of Storing Psychedelic Mushrooms

There are numerous ways of storing psychedelic mushrooms. Some are more effective than others, depending on the mushroom conditions. Let's take a closer look.

Fresh Mushrooms

For people who are growing their own mushrooms, it's natural to harvest them while they're still fresh. While there are a couple of ways of storing fresh psychedelic mushrooms, they spoil much faster than when they're properly dried. After all, mushrooms are composed of 92% water and bacteria love humid environments. Here are some tips on storing fresh psychedelic mushrooms:

Once the mushrooms are harvested it's normal to find substrate chunks and dust on the fruit bodies. Gently wipe your mushrooms with a paper towel, or use a brush to clean off any debris. Take care not to damage the mushrooms and don't wash them with water. Introducing excess moisture will create an optimal growing medium for bacteria and mold.

Place your mushrooms in a paper bag or in a bowl covered with paper towels to absorb any moisture and prevent dampness. This way magic mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

For longer storage, make sure to dry them first.

Dried Mushrooms

In contrast to fresh mushrooms, dried ones have a longer shelf life and are less prone to spoilage. Therefore if you are planning on storing your mushrooms for longer than a week, you should consider drying them first. Once you have a batch of dried mushrooms follow these guidelines and preserve their potency. There are four important steps to follow:

  1. Store your mushrooms in an airtight container. Storing magic mushrooms in airtight containers such as glass jars with secure seals is the best solution. By storing them in proper containers, you will prevent moisture and air from getting in, minimizing the risk of mold growth. Opt for storage options like Mason jars, glass containers with wooden corks or vacuum-sealed bags will effectively create a controlled environment for your mushrooms. That’s exactly why we included high-quality glass containers in our Ceremonybox.

  2. Make sure they're placed in a cool, dark place. Psilocybin is highly sensitive to light and heat. When exposed, it tends to degrade quickly. Storing your containers in a cool dark place is necessary for preserving potency. Simply put your psychedelic mushrooms in a cupboard or drawer away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

  3. Use desiccants. Using desiccants (substances that absorb moisture) can ensure optimal storing humidity of your mushrooms. Silica gel packets or oxygen absorbers will work just fine. Place them at the container's bottom before adding the mushrooms, or use a separate bag within the container to prevent direct contact. Periodically replace the desiccant as it gradually absorbs moisture.

  4. Check them regularly. Although dried mushrooms are more resilient to spoilage, it's important to check them regularly for any signs of mold or spoilage. If you identify mold growth early on, there's a higher chance of saving your batch. Spoiled mushrooms can pose a serious health hazard and you can probably understand the importance of this step when thinking about how this might impact a psychedelic journey.

glass jars used for storing psychedelic mushrooms

We use large airtight jars, which come inside our Ceremonybox, for storing larger quantities.

special glass bottles for psychedelic mushroom storage

We love the aesthetics of having small vials for microdoses.

Storing Psilocybin Extract

If you have psilocybin extract in a liquid form make sure to store it in a dark glass container with a secure airtight seal. You can use a jar, although a container that can remove excess air would be much better in preventing oxidation. You can also use some of the vacuum-sealing techniques to reduce the oxygen exposure.

Storing Psychedelic Mushrooms In Edible Forms

For psilocybin in capsules, chocolates, or gummies you can follow the regular storage practice like you would with the dried mushrooms. We’re not a fan of these types of forms, as it’s harder to judge the quality and dosage of the goods. But if someone still wants to store them, it’s best to do so in a cool dark place without the direct sunlight. Also, you might want to mark the acquisition date to monitor shelf-life. This way it will be easier to know when the natural degradation of the product starts.

photo depicting how psychedelic mushrooms are stored in various forms such as chocolate, gummies, tinctures and capsules

Psilocybin Shelf-Life

The shelf-life of psilocybin can vary due to several factors, including storage conditions, initial quality, and the product format (such as mushrooms, chocolates, capsules, or extracts). As a general guideline, when stored appropriately, you can expect the following shelf-life:

  • Fresh psychedelic mushrooms: 7-10 days;

  • Dried Mushrooms: Up to a year;

  • Mushroom Chocolate: Up to a year;

  • Capsules: Up to two years;

  • Psilocybin extract: Two years and in some cases even longer.

The potency will degrade slowly as time passes by, although it doesn't mean that they will not produce the psychedelic effects, they will just be less potent. Keep a clean record of both purchase and harvest dates to ensure the most precise dosing.

Maintaining the proper storage is essential in preserving the potency and safety of these magical mushrooms. Besides our tips, it’s always good to do additional research and test your substances with professional equipment. If you’re in doubt, throw it out!

Be safe, be smart, and respect the substance. Keep it in a beautiful safe space, like our Ceremonybox or Portalbox, and you’re on your way to the best storage solution you could have.

how to store psychedelic mushrooms in special wooden boxe


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