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Rick Strassman interview on his legacy and final years in the world of DMT research.

Our guest Rick Strassman is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico. He led groundbreaking studies into DMT in the early '90s. Administering approximately 400 doses of DMT to nearly 60 human volunteers. He is the author of "DMT The spirit molecule". A book in which he describes his findings of the fascinating DMT research. One of the most fundamental pieces of psychedelic literature.

We had a wonderful conversation about the current psychedelic renaissance, endogenous DMT, and its potential functions for the construction of our reality. We discussed Ricks's personal relation to psychedelics and practical tips on how to use DMT. His most recent publication " The Psychedelic Handbook" is a practical guide to all major psychedelics. Find more info about Rick Strassman and his publications at

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