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How do I keep a psychedelic trip journal?

So, you're developing yourself with psychedelics, but you might have trouble truly integrating the lessons you receive. Embodying the lesson can be considered more important than the psychedelic journey. But, how do you optimally integrate your psychedelic trips? How can psychedelic integration keep you moving forward?

Keeping a journal of your trip experiences is a powerful way to download and save the lessons that come with them. By writing and sketching, you can extract the core of your insights. Here are 6 tips to become at documenting your psychedelic journeys.

1. Write by hand

Digital documents are often stowed away over time in the darker corners of your computer. Paper allows you to not worry about spilling water over it or having to deal with batteries. The tactile and free experience of pen and paper allows you to not only write but also sketch what you saw during your sessions.

2. Use a beautiful portable notebook.

Having a beautiful dedication to the experience enables you to bring your journey to the outdoors, on your travels, and come back to it even decades later. Make sure the notebook is of high quality, as it holds something precious. If your thoughts are going too fast for your hand, try recording them using a voice recorder app on your phone.

3. Add the date and setting

Get a bit more in the mindset of a psychedelic researcher. Before the trip you can add some order to the chaos by writing down what you took, when, how, where, and with who. This will help your future self to contextualize the situation.

4. Sketch what you see

Even though the concepts we deal with in the psychedelic realms are impossible to put on paper, it‘s great to create a visual reference. Don‘t be a perfectionist here. Perhaps this can also allow you to deal with difficult experiences, seeing your shadows before you on a thin piece of paper might help you to approach them in a different way.

5. Write down actionable points for your future self immediately after the trip

It can be hard, but often during our psychedelic trips, we can gain practical insights on how our 'sober‘ self can improve. They can be as simple as 'drink more water‘ or 'call mom more often'. If you get these insights, write them down as soon as possible.

6. Get back to your notebook in a 'sober' state

Like planning to go to work, you can try to plan an integration session within a week or so, or perhaps the morning after. It will help to listen to the same music in order to put yourself in a similar state, but sober. Reflect on the lessons and ask yourself how you can improve and turn your lessons into action. Feel free to burn a page or two as well, if you have to get rid of something that is no longer serving you. It‘s your book, and you can make it as creative as you want. Paint outside of the lines, claim your creativity but honour this book for the time to come.



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