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steel pads and pipe screens

Steel pads & pipe screens

Additional pipe and pad screens for your pipe or vaporizer. Custom size to sit perfectly below and within the chamber to keep your material secure.


Steel Pipe Screens:

These thin, wafer shaped discs are made to fit below the chamber of your GVG or manual vape, in order to catch any spare material that falls through the steel pad.


Steel Pads:

These thicker, and more dense, discs fit snug inside the chamber of your GVG or manual vape. Material can either be gently set on top of the pad, or more preferably, pre-melted into the pad and subsequently set inside the chamber. Pro tip: use a marble or small ball to shape the pad into a perfectly shaped bowl, making your GVG use even easier.



  • 10 Steel pipe screens
  • 8 Steel pads


We have a video manual ready for how to use this with the GvG. 

    € 7,50Price
    Excluding VAT
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