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The Portalcase is the compact sized version of the Portalbox. It's handmade with the most high-quality rosewood, lined with soft velvet, and engraved with the spirit molecule on top.


To keep your molecules, spices, and herbs properly stored, ready to take anywhere you need. Inside, you can find essential items such as a milligram scale, ready to ensure accurate dosing of any substance, our custom gunmetal torch lighter, spice spoon, and vials.


The secure number lock on the outside keeps your contents safe and the flexible storage space is again removable in case you need to bring more substances or tools along for your journey. 


Just the right kit for a conscious explorer. 


Additionally, this case comes with access to a digital version of our 'Portalbook' guidebook. For those who want to master their skills and knowledge of psychedelics. 


A part of the profits will go back to psychedelic education, policy, research, and indigenous conservation. 



- Rosewood exterior with gold-coloured engraving

- Number lock 

- Precision scale (mg)

- Vials x3

- Gold coloured spoon

- Airtight jar (childproof)

- Torch lighter

- Modular & hidden space.

- Velvet cushioned padding and inlays.

- Free access to the online 'Portalbook' psychedelic guidebook. 


Length: 24 cm / 9.5 inches 

Width: 17 cm / 6.7 inches

Height: 7.6 cm / 3 inches


The wood is the highest quality we could find. The lock is made from strong plastic but works great (@Reddit, we are listening and continuously improving). Need something bigger, with a metal lock? Check out our Portalbox.



We understand that the path to personal growth is unique for every modern explorer. The Portalcase is designed to support your journey, wherever it may lead. 

    € 200,00 Regular Price
    € 165,00Sale Price
    Excluding VAT

    Shipping to EU, UK, North America, Australia

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