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Sacred Cases for Conscious Transformation


Create a set & and setting for breakthrough experiences. The Portalbox is a premium, handmade wooden storage box with optimized accessories and guidance around the spirit molecule. 



Your complete tea ceremony kit for psilocybin, with premium tools and large modular sections for storge.

delivering Q1 2024

A prototype image of the Portier Ceremonybox
A Woodden Stashbox called the Portier Portalcase

Our smaller version of the Portalbox. Comes with essential tools and is made with the highest quality rosewood.

coming Q1 2024

A psychedelic guidebook and journal co-written by those working in the fields of harm reduction and research and includes information on safety profiles, preparation, and integration of plant medicine. It features art from renowned visionary artists. 

nearly sold out


Join our satisfied customers.

Portier lighters inside a Portalbox
Modular storage for all your sacraments and tools.

High quality modular storage, pre-equipped with all the essential tools and knowledge.

Handmade, and supporting important organizations.

Handmade with love, for an enriching experience rooted in ritual and ceremony.

Access to our community, events, and giveaways.

Community driven and cocreated, supporting pivotal psychedelic initiatives.

Wolrdwide discreet delivery, and free US shipping.

Free US Shipping, delivering discretely worldwide.

Supporting psychedelics

Your purchase supports organizations that foster and protect the safe exploration of human consciousness.

Research organisations
Research organisations
Research organisations

+ various research organisations

Man reading Portalbook in front of a Portalbox

Crafted in Amsterdam, with the world

We stay on top of the latest research and are in constant connection with a large community of psychedelic experts in order to design optimal tools and guidance.

Co-created with a global community.
Co-created with a global community.

Gathering input at the ICPR research conference.

Photo: Paul Stamets and Rick Doblin.

Our vision

Plant medicine can unveil the mysteries of our existence, aiding us on our human journey. We take inspiration from ancient practices where ritual and beauty play a role in establishing an optimal 'set and setting'. By introducing a carefully designed ceremonial framework, we shine a light on conscious and respectful perspective, preventing the misuse of plant medicine. By combining this with modern scientific education we foster reverence and counter further stigmatization.

Image by Mark Basarab

Disclaimer: Our products are artistic creations accompanied by safety tools and guidelines. We neither endorse nor sell illicit substances. Please adhere to local laws. The effects of plant medicine are context-dependent and can be harmful if used irresponsibly. Research on plant medicine safety is ongoing; consult multiple sources and professionals for informed decisions. Never take plant medicine when you're feeling severly depressed or troubled, instead seek professional guidance. 

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