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The Portalbox is a premium, handmade wooden storage box with accessories. We've carefully selected optimal tools and included harm-reduction information about plant medicine to get rid of bad practices and stigma.


• Handmade rosewood box with interchangeable storage modules, soft inlay, and a tiny hidden section.

• Portalbook guidebook & journal.

• Lockable with key.

• Precision measuring scale (0.001gr)

• Soft Eyemask.

• 4x Vials & 1x Storage jar.

• Glass Vaporizer GvG (Optional) .

• Lighter, blue flame torch.

• Pipescreens & Liquid pads .

• Peer community support.


> Modular and lockable storage.

> Each product is uniquely handmade.

> Free US shipping, discretely packed.

> Community access for advice and support.


Included guidebook & journal

A psychedelic guidebook and journal. The booklet features chapters on psychedelic history and usage of various plant medicine types. This booklet is co-written by those working in the fields of harm reduction and research and includes information on safety profiles, preparation, and integration. It features art from renowned visionary artists.


Making an impact

Each product sold contributes to important psychedelic policy, science, education, and indigenous conservation projects. We also plant 1 tree for every box sold, and use plant-based leaether only.



In order to create the best, we need to continuously reflect and improve ourselves and our products. We stay on top of research and are in constant connection with our community of 3000+ psychonauts, researchers and harm-reduction experts who helped shape the box.


Optional GvG

We only sell perfectly fitting GvG's. To be sure that you get a GvG that fits the compartment, order only via our website. We can not guarantee that GvG's ordered on other websites will fit the box, due to their handmade nature. 

  • Specifications

    Box contents:

    • 1x Handmade rosewood chest with engraving
    • 3x Modular compartments
    • 1x Portalbook (64 art & info pages, 64 dotted journaling pages)
    • 1x Precision milligram scale
    • 1x Calibration weight
    • 1x Torch lighter
    • 1x Key
    • 1x Childproof airtight jar
    • 4x Vials
    • 8x Liquid pads
    • 10x Pipe screens
    • 1x Spoon
    • 1x Measuring dish
    • GvG (select combo package)


    Height: 8.5 cm / 3.3 inches

    Length: 32.2 cm / 12.7 inches 

    Width: 23.6 cm / 9.3 inches


    Weight: 3kg / 6.5 pounds

€ 350,00Price
Excluding VAT
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