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Why Duncan Trussel is awesome.

Duncan Trussell. The name alone evokes a sense of mysticism, hilarity, and profound wisdom. Duncan Trussell is a comedian, podcaster, and modern-day philosopher wrapped in one delightfully eccentric package. Buckle up, because we’re about to dive deep into why this man is a national treasure, and yes, why he probably is the reincarnation of a wise, psychedelic monk.

The Midnight Gospel

Then there’s "The Midnight Gospel," the psychedelic animated series on Netflix created with Pendleton Ward who is the genius behind "Adventure Time". The show is a visual and auditory feast. It takes audio from Trussell's podcast and pairs it with bizarre, beautiful, and often mind-bending animation. It’s like listening to a podcast while staring at the world's most psychedelic screensaver. The show tackles heavy topics like death, spirituality, and forgiveness, all while maintaining a sense of humor. It’s deep, it’s funny, and it’s exactly what you need when you want to contemplate the universe without leaving your couch.

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Imagine a podcast where you can find profound spiritual discussions, laugh-until-you-cry comedy, and the occasional deep dive into the weird and wonderful world of psychedelics. It's like Joe Rogan's cooler, more introspective cousin who spent a few years backpacking through the astral plane. Trussell's podcast isn’t just a series of interviews; it’s an adventure. One minute he’s talking to a comedian about the intricacies of stand-up, and the next, he’s diving deep with a spiritual guru about the nature of existence.

He said nice things about us

Okay, here’s the juicy bit. Duncan Trussell owns our product and likes it. We don’t know if we’re allowed to name this on our website, but we do, because it’s sincerely awesome and we’re fanboys. Imagine our excitement when we reached out to him and he actually responded, saying "Duncan Trussell here!! It’s amazing! What a wonderful way to create a sacred storage space for our dimension hopping technologies. They deserve more than drawers and cigar boxes and ziplock bags! You two clearly understand set and setting. I’m proud to be an owner of this glorious box. God bless you and save travels!". It was actually our most exciting moment in this project.

The Eternal Student and Teacher

Trussell’s curiosity is contagious, and his ability to articulate complex ideas in a way that’s accessible and entertaining is nothing short of magical. Yet he stays humble to not knowing shit. Whether he’s discussing the nature of consciousness with a neuroscientist or the nuances of humor with a fellow comedian, Trussell approaches each conversation with an open mind and a childlike wonder. It’s refreshing, it’s enlightening, and most importantly, it’s incredibly entertaining.

This guy is awesome. He’s the spiritual guide we didn’t know we needed.

Thanks for existing.

  • Koen from Portier.


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