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What is the Portalcase?

The Portalcase was inspired by our beloved Portalbox, adding to the Portier collection. The Portalcase is another storage container that invites you to safely store your psychedelic materials, whilst having the best tools & information at your disposal. If you're a passionate psychonaut who values and respects psychedelics, you might really like what we’ve done here. Let's take a better look into what makes the Portalcase stand out.

Why Was the Portalcase Created?

The story of the Portalcase's creation is founded on the heartbeat of community desire. Portier is a heavily community-based venture, so we listened to your requests. As people requested a more compact and affordable version of the beloved Portalbox, we had to carefully craft a new product.

This wasn't just about crafting a storage case; it’s about creating homage to DMT and other psychedelics, to give them a beautiful home inside our homes. Like a mini-portal into other realms of reality, designed with love and style.

Parts of the profits from the Portalcase help support important organizations in psychedelic education, policy, research, and conservation. This means that you’re not just owning a box, but making an impact through your own journey with it. Together, through the creation of this box and others, we’re making an impact on the advancement of the field.

Additionally, we believe psychedelics shouldn’t be hidden in a shoebox. Why do we have beautiful cigar cases and wine racks, but nothing for the most impressive molecules on planet earth? This box is a statement that psychonauts deserve nice things (obviously) like the rest of the world. Items that lower the stigma and indicate the importance and weight these tools have in our lives.

Free Included Guidebook

You don’t need to be an experienced psychonaut to own a Portalcase. We’ve included a link to a free online guidebook that can teach you the basics of optimal preparation (both mind and body) as well as tips and tricks for trip sitting and intention setting. This online version of our Portalbook also features chapters on individual classic psychedelics, their dosage, effects, and risks. This is to educate people rather than just giving them a ‘party box’.

Who's the Portalcase Perfect For?

It’s a box for people who want to deepen their understanding of psychedelics and master safe, respectful, and quality use for personal development. Its design lends itself optimally for those who are a lot on the go while being a timeless case for people who want something beautiful to enhance their homes.

We think the Portalcase is best for:

  • Psychonauts serious about optimizing for respectful use.

  • People who like to journey in nature or at festivals.

  • People who love timeless quality cases.

Portalcase Features

Crafted from the finest rosewood, its interior is covered with black satin and soft velvet, having a cushioned place to store your psychedelic items.

You can find an airtight and childproof jar, vials, a precision scale, a scoop, and a gunmetal torch lighter.

The customizable storage space accommodates everything from vapes to lighters and even offers a hidden section for added discretion (as requested by our followers via our mailing list). Due to the small size of Portalcase, we had to improvise and add a removable padding underneath the lighter, where someone can store small amounts of compounds, like MDMA. Therefore, when you open the Portalcase, you don’t have to immediately show all your contents to nearby onlookers.

For the security-conscious, the Portalcase introduces a numeral lock, eliminating the fear of misplaced keys. Keeping your psychedelics safe are number one concern for most of us, especially when we find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment. It's also a good way to keep them away from kids or roommates. Also, not having to worry about losing the key is something we also considered when opting for the numeral lock.

Why Do You Need a Portalcase?

It's no secret that a psychedelic journey can provide a profound experience, but only then when you have optimized your set and setting. What does that have to do with the Portalcase? Well, we discovered that having all your tools in one place helps reduce pre-trip anxiety, while at the same time assuring you have everything you need for the best possible journey.

We can confidently say that the Portaclase becomes a sanctuary, or a cosmic toolkit, that will accompany you on your explorations of the psychedelic realm. It's not just a case, it's your ticket to a stress-free and enjoyable exploration of the extraordinary.

You can find the Portalcase in our shop here.


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