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What is the DMT realm? Where do you go when you smoke DMT?

It can be a big question on anyone's mind who has experience with NN-DMT or 5-MeO DMT. Where do you go? Do you leave your body when you smoke DMT?

Because there is little research on this topic, we're still very much in the dark. A recent study on two thousand DMT users published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed over 81% of the participants expressing that the DMT experience 'felt more real' than our usual reality.

When we discuss DMT trips, we often feel like we completely 'leave' our body and enter a different space. Within the same study, people described encounters with entities and feeling like they were shown incredible things that the human brain was unable to comprehend or remember.

We can't say for sure where we go on DMT, yet. But below is a first attempt to map the DMT space. What do you think?

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