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What is the best Stash Box for Psychedelics?

What is the best way to store psychedelics? Psychedelics can be powerful healing tools, with the ability to positively transform your entire life if applied correctly. In many ancient cultures, psychedelic medicines were consumed in the most ritualistic and ceremonial ways.

Entire temples were built for sacred mind-altering substances. How are we paying the best respect to those incredible tools in our modern world? Perhaps we need to look at new ways of adding the sacred ceremonial aspect to the experience, in order to create the perfect set&setting. So, what's the most beautiful and simply best wooden stashbox for psychedelics? And can there be the the ideal treasure chest?

Bu during this rise of mind-altering substances in western cultures, most 'psychonauts' still store their beloved psychedelic tools in shoeboxes, cardboard boxes, or Tupperware containers. But what if you want to pay more respect to the substance?

In this article, we are looking at the best wooden psychedelic stash-box options to store your sacred medicines safely. It is written for those wanting to add to their ceremonial experience by providing a beautiful home for their favorite substances.

The Portalbox is most likely the most beautiful way of storing your consciousness-expanding materials. Developed with the intent to create the most optimal ceremonial psychedelic experience for home users, mostly for the 'Spirit Molecule'. This psychedelic kit delivers you with everything you need for a breakthrough experience including a journal/guidebook, scale, vials, airtight jars, torch lighter, spoon, and much more.

It is handmade from premium Rosewood, giving each box a unique look. The layout inside is completely customizable and has been made specifically for psychedelics.

You can optionally add Glass Vapor Genie. Handmade with premium rosewood, and co-created by thousands of psychonauts and psychedelic artists.

The Portalbox even has a little DMT molecule on top.

If you purchase a box, you'll also get the chance to give your input in future projects, like the upcoming 'mushroom box'.


  • Lockable stash box with key

  • It has modular storage, so you can easily swap out sections.

  • It comes with a guidebook on how to use psychedelics, with incredible art to look at and tips on dosages, effects, tripsitting, and much much more.

  • The book doubles as a trip journal you can write down your important experiences because the lessons are ultimately more important than the experience itself.

  • The project supports psychedelic research and indigenous rights.

  • Each box has a unique look.

  • Airtight smell-proof.

  • Comes with community access for all your questions around psychedelics.

  • Comes with a mg scale for the 'very light' substances.

  • And much more.


  • The 299$ price tag isn't for everyone. But it includes free worldwide shipping and it's still cheaper than the 'Apothecarry' that does not come with accessories.

2. The Cannador Box

The Cannador box is a great-looking wooden container, initially designed for marihuana storage. Cannador is a great weed supporter and advocates controlled legalization. It is a high-quality-looking box that, next to weed, also lets you store some psychedelics.


  • A classical wooden box that brings a premium look

  • It comes with airtight containers, which can also be used to store your favorite psychedelics

  • Available in different sizes


  • The boxes are relatively small. There won’t be any space for vaporizers like the Glass Vapour Genie or other electronic ones

  • Comparably pricey for its size.

3. Apothecarry Case

The Apothecary Case is another good-looking wooden container, which was initially designed to store marihuana products. It comes with a variety of equipment for the usage of herbs, including grinders and trays.


  • The case is available in different sizes and colours

  • Comes with equipment to smoke weed

  • Chic design


  • The boxes are of smaller size and can not fit all vaporizing equipment

  • Originally not designed for psychedelics

No matter which psychedelic stash box you choose, storing your psychedelics in a special place can add a lot to your perfect set&setting. All your equipment ready? Time to get ready for your next breakthrough experience.

The Shoe-Box

This old-school method has been used by millions of Psychonauts around the world for decades. Despite its flaws, it can still be considered a trippy stash box. Nevertheless, it might be worth considering upgrading to not just having a depot for psychedelics.


  • Free of charge

  • Readily available

  • Stealthy when you wish to hide your stash.


  • The ritualistic setting is pretty much non-existent. The entities on the other side might not be impressed.

  • Usually not a smell-proof option.

  • No lock

  • Everything moves around inside.

If you have any other tips, feel free to let us know. We'd love for this to become a living and evolving document.


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