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The final production stretch

Dear future owner of the Portalbox,

I've spent a brief period on a much-needed trip deep into nature. During this, my partners Sebastian and Allan made sure that things carried on logistically so that the products are in their final creation stages. As I am back, and sitting in my garden in Amsterdam, I want to write this update for all you much valued supporters - and there is only good news to share with you. Personally, I went (amongst others) to a silent retreat deep in the mountains without any distractions, which left me with some beautiful insights on future plans for this entrepreneurial journey.



• We have received some tips on how to make the project better. We've managed to sneak in a few final tweaks, as production is well underway.

> The scale opens up better inside the box now. No need to take it out.

> The spoon has become gunmetal, looking much more ancient and pleasing.

> Just like all modular sections, the soft material in the lid can be removed to create space.

> The pyramid shapes have become a bit more realistic.

> The jar has a new black lid that allows it to be fully air-tight. We've opted for clear glass, for environmental and aesthetic reasons.

> We've made the section with the vials fit more snug, to save space.

The following section has already been emailed to existing customers.

• The Portalbox is being created and on schedule. A bit more patience is required, but we are sending Portalboxes across the world and excited that we’re sending them to almost every continent on the planet. It’s a global effort, that involves many people from various cultures, but who all have one thing in common. A passion for psychedelics, and a mission for raising the standards of how they are integrated into society.

• We’re going to do bi-monthly e-mails updating you on the project. So far, our Discord community has always been highly on top of our progress, but we are committed to improving our newsletter for the time to come so everyone is informed.

• We are deliberately not giving a specific date on when exactly your Portalbox is arriving, in order not to disappoint anyone if things change slightly. We are depending on multiple suppliers for the scale, lighter, and other parts of the box so if one is delayed, we don’t want to send out another email. It is coming this Summer as soon as possible. We truly appreciate your patience and support here.

• We have tried reaching people via the FB ad platform and we are quitting it. It doesn't feel right, and we can not stand doing focusing on numbers and percentages instead of quality and craftsmanship. It has been a tough decision but we've turned off all our activity there as of yesterday. For the next period, we'll only focus on the product, the community, cool partnerships, and creating content around what we do. No marketing other than some organic reach. It might bite us in the ass financially, but at least we love the process instead of work from some counter-intuitive platform like FB.

That's it for now. I hope you will give psychedelics like DMT a more deserving place in your homes and hearts with the projects we are creating. A bit more patience is required, but we're almost there.

Much love and gratitude. Wishing you safe journeys this Summer.

- Koen

Portier / Portalbox


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