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Thanks HighExistence for hosting us on your Podcast

We have been fortunate enough to tell our story on the HighExistence Podcast. We highly recommend checking them out and following them, as we have been fans of their platform for nearly a decade now. We've discussed themes such as Coming out of the psychedelic closet, and what it is like to run a psychedelic business.

Listen to the Podcast here or here.

"Is it possible to bring the level of reverence and integrity that we see in traditional plant medicine ceremonies into our own homes?

Koen and Sebastian, the team over at Portier Supplies have created a product that is doing exactly this.

“Psychedelics deserve a beautiful place in people’s lives, not shoved in a closet, hidden away somewhere’” — Sebastian from Portier Supplies, HEx Podcast #50

There is a lot of shame that many well-intentioned psychedelic users carry around due to misinformed stigma and misplaced projections.

Initiatives such as Portier Supplies are putting that to an end.

This conversation is a dive into psychedelic healing and the exciting realms beyond, as well as a front row seat to the tricky business of psychedelic entrepreneurship.

What We Cover:

  • 2:40 – The journey that led to the creation of Portier

  • 11:35 – What the Portal Box is

  • 17:00 – The true meaning of luxury

  • 20:05 – What comes after healing with psychedelics?

  • 24:00 – Maintaining integrity when combining business and spirituality

  • 43:25 – Growth as the accumulation of responsibility

  • 44:25 – Practices that support psychedelic use

  • 53:55 – Bufo vs Ayahuasca


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