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Portalboxes new and improved

Updated: May 27

The Portalbox is finally in stock again! We're back at the packing table. Our warehouse in New York and us here in Amsterdam

are excited to be sending out packages to those who were on the pre-order list.

Our boxes are limited edition, and this time we only made 100 more.

If you're amongst these people, keep an eye out on your inbox as we're sending out track and trace codes one by one.

So, what did we change?

Great question!

The answer lies in your feedback:

• Can you make the items easier to take out?

• Can you avoid the lid falling down when opening?

• Can you improve the satin covering on the modular parts?

• Can you include extra pipe screens and pads?

We answered all of these and more. You also asked us to please keep as much as we can the same. That's great news for us because it means we're doing something right. And so, we've been able to optimize the box even further while retaining the same elegance and respect of the original model. If you preorder(ed) you're getting the latest model.

In the meantime, we also redesigned our webshop so let us know what you think.

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