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"DMT & Capitalism don't mix"

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

In the 60's DMT was coined 'The business man's trip' because it fits within a typical lunch break of a busy corporate executive. But the effects couldn't be further removed from the corporate cubicle.

Psychedelics open up a proverbial portal to a realm that supersedes human constructs such as our financial system. For many it could feel like being stuck in a system with major flaws.

With rising business interests in psychedelics it's important that we remain cautious of this strange cocktail. Just like the comment we received by a Facebook user who said "DMT & capitalism don't mix"; we partially agree. Hence, we recorded a small podcast to share our point of view.

  • Do psychedelics & the world of capitalism mix?

  • Should we shy away from business practices?

  • How do we think we can stay true to our mission?

Click the link to listen to it on Spotify

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