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How To Store Fresh Psychedelic Mushrooms

You may have to go foraging for magic mushrooms at some point, or you may have grown them yourself. In any case, learning how to store fresh psychedelic mushrooms properly is important for keeping their freshness and potency.

We have extensively researched the various storage methods and is happy to share our findings with you. First, we'll talk about refrigeration as a possible alternative for keeping fresh psychedelic mushrooms.

Refrigerating Fresh Psychedelic Mushrooms

Refrigeration is the best option for storing fresh psychedelic mushrooms, although they can be stored this way for up to a week. Since most mushrooms' weight comes from water, they can easily get spoiled by harmful bacteria if left at room temperature.

What is the best temperature to keep magic mushrooms?

We recommend keeping them between 35°F (1.7°C) and 39°F (3.9°C).

refrigerator used for storing fresh psychedelic mushrooms

How To Pack Fresh Psilocybin Mushrooms

The next important step to avoid spoilage is to package them correctly. Place a paper towel on the bottom of a bowl and spread your mushrooms evenly. If needed, you can layer the mushrooms with another paper towel and repeat the process, depending on the quantity of your batch. Paper towels will act as a desiccant, absorbing all the excess moisture. Some people like to place their mushrooms in a paper bag, although we found out that the paper towel method works much better.

Inspect your mushrooms regularly for any signs of spoilage. If there are changes in color or texture, discard them immediately. Make sure not to wait for too long as they will start to degrade after 7-10 days.

Freezing Psychedelic Mushrooms

Freezing has become a popular alternative to the traditional drying method. The primary advantage lies in the ability to retain the alkaloids in the mushrooms through proper freezing techniques. However, it's important to be aware of the method's possible drawbacks, as poor freezing can easily destroy the mushrooms and neutralize their magical properties. Due to their significant water content, such cold temperatures can be detrimental to the supplements' nutritional and bioactive integrity.

In a freezing environment, ice crystals may form, which can harm the mushrooms' delicate cellular makeup. This process can result in cell wall damage and the loss of alkaloids, rendering the mushrooms ineffective after defrosting.

thermometer depicting the best temperature for freezing psychedelic mushrooms

How To Freeze Mushrooms

Freezing mushrooms at regular freezer temperature -4°F (-20°C) The optimal freezing temperature is -4°F (-20°C) or below, with a preference for a "quick dry freeze" mode between -4°F and -22°F (-20°C to -30°C).

Apart from setting up a correct temperature, it's important not to wash your mushrooms with water before freezing as it will increase the moisture content making your mushrooms turn into a shapeless, ineffective mass.

Psychedelic mushrooms shouldn't be frozen again after defrosting, therefore defrost only if you’re planning on taking them. This is the primary downside of this form of storage, given that unexpected freezer shutdowns can easily destroy the frozen batch.

Is Drying the Best Solution For Storing Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Yes. Out of all the methods of storing psychedelic mushrooms drying is hands down the most effective approach. While you can easily store mushrooms in the fridge for a week, with drying you will be able to store your mushrooms for a year without losing much potency.

While refrigeration allows you to store mushrooms for about a week, opting for drying enables you to preserve your mushrooms for a year with minimal loss of potency.

The Bottom Line

While storing fresh psychedelic mushrooms in the refrigerator is a viable option for short-term storage, our advice is to thoroughly dry your mushrooms before storing them.

Freezing can be an alternative for long-term storage, however, it's far from ideal as there is more space to make a mistake that can ruin your whole batch of mushrooms. The flavor of dried mushrooms might be different from everyone's favorite, so if you prefer a fresher experience, it's recommended to use them within the initial week after harvesting.

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