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How To Store Dried Psychedelic Mushrooms

Even when properly dried, psychedelic mushrooms are vulnerable to mold or bacteria, they also tend to lose potency over time. Therefore, proper storage of dried mushrooms is necessary if you don't want to end up with a useless fuzzy mess. To preserve your dried mushrooms for the long term, you must learn the art of proper storage.

The good news is that psychedelic mushroom storage is neither complicated nor costly. With everyday items like mason jars or ziplock bags, you can effectively store your mushrooms for months on end.

How To Store Dried Mushrooms In Jars

Dried magic mushrooms can be easily stored in mason jars, or glass vials, such as the ones found in our CeremonyBox. These glass containers are designed to create an airtight environment that will prevent oxygen from entering, slowing down the oxidation process.

storing dry psychedelic mushrooms in a glass jar

Tips for storing mushrooms in jars or vials:

  • Fill the mason jar as full as possible to minimize the amount of air inside.

  • Use desiccants to further extend shelf life.

  • Store mason jars away from direct light in a cool and dry part of your home (avoid bathrooms).

  • Ensure the jar is tightly sealed before placing it in storage.

  • Minimize opening mason jars to prevent the entry of fresh oxygen or potential contaminants.

How To Store Dried Mushrooms In Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags provide a similar level of protection as glass containers, with only one advantage - You can easily squeeze a significant amount of air before sealing it. However, it comes with a couple of drawbacks.

Ziplock bags can occasionally leak, they are easy to tear, and poor sealing can allow fresh air to enter during storage, which can negatively affect the shelf life. We always lean towards the glass, although if you prefer ziplock bags here are a couple words of advice.

storing dried psychedelic mushrooms in ziplock bags

Tips For Storing Mushrooms In Ziplock Bags

  • Use high-quality ziplock bags with double sealing and thicker plastic.

  • Double-bag your shrooms.

  • Use an oxygen absorber and desiccant to reduce the humidity.

  • Squeeze as much air as possible from the bag before storing it.

  • Store your ziplock bag in a cool, dry, and dark place like a cupboard or a drawer.

How To Store Dried Mushrooms In Capsules

Dried psychedelic mushrooms are well known for their unpleasant taste. Thus, people are always finding ways how to conceal the taste and enjoy the effects. That's exactly why mushrooms capsules were created, offering an effective method of storage, with a convenient way of consumption.

Capsules are particularly popular among microdosers. Typically, capsules can be stored for 6–12 months without a discernible loss of potency.

a mushroom and a capsule depicting storing psychedelic mushrooms in capsules

Tips For Storing Mushrooms In Capsules

  • If creating your capsules, ensure each cap is entirely filled to minimize exposure to oxygen.

  • Store capsules in an airtight container along with an oxygen absorber and desiccant.

  • Make sure that the mushrooms are cracker-dried before grounding them up and placing them in capsules.

  • You can use a regular cannabis grinder or coffee grinder to make the mushroom powder.

  • Don't forget to keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

How To Know If Psychedelic Mushrooms Are Spoiled

Knowing when to discard mushrooms is important to avoid any health hazards. There are a few telltale signs that your mushrooms have gone bad.

Firstly, pay attention to changes in texture. Spoiled mushrooms often exhibit an unusual texture, becoming slimy, soft, or mushy, signaling a bacterial infection. Alternatively, they may develop a white, yellow, or greenish fuzz, indicating the presence of mold.

Another key indicator is a bad smell. If your mushrooms start emitting an unpleasant odor, it's a strong indication that they've spoiled. This odor is often accompanied by changes in texture, increasing the likelihood of spoilage. Consuming spoiled mushrooms can be extremely dangerous, and if you see some of these signs, throw them away immediately.

Final Word

Storing dried psychedelic mushrooms is the best way for sure. Yet, for those who prefer showcasing their collection rather than letting it gather dust in a drawer, our cherished CeremonyBox offers the perfect solution. Beyond mere storage, this wonderful box focuses on aesthetics and organization aligning seamlessly with your collection's needs.

Keep in mind that dosing fresh and dried mushrooms is quite different. When dried, mushrooms lose about 90% of their weight, which comes from water. Therefore, consuming the same amount of fresh and dried psychedelic mushrooms will produce different effects. If you have fresh mushrooms on hand and options for drying, check our guide on How To Store Fresh Psychdelic Mushrooms.


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