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Behind the scenes update

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We hope you're doing great! After a brief psychedelic holiday we're back in the game. Here's what's happening.

We'll improve the storage space slightly. After receiving requests to make the storage bigger; we're adjusting the inner design slightly so that it's bigger, better, and more flexible. Pics are soon to follow.

  • Faster direct orders instead of crowdfunding. We're a bit saddened by the fact that platforms like Indiegogo are not allowing our product. But it's good news for you because we will spend less time on making content, and more time on the product and its delivery to our incrowd - you.

  • We're moving up our first shipiments to March/April for those who reserved. We'll send payment links soon to those on the list. First come first serve.

  • To bring partnering with British author Jessica Legon to make our journal the best guidebook you can have. Besides the various ways of using DMT, the guidebook will focus a bit more on mushroom usage as well. 🍄

  • We've opened a discord for those wanting to chat with us directly.

Thanks again for your support. Safe travels,

Koen & Seb

Behind the scenes

We're taking careful time to make sure everything fits tightly, regardless of what equipment you're storing inside.

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