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Optimize your set & setting for personal growth and exploration, with the Spirit Molecule and other plant medicine.


Carefully Crafted for Beautiful Ceremonies

The Portalbox is a premium, handmade wooden stash box with accessories. We've carefully selected optimal tools to get the most out of your journeys, as a dedication to conscious, safe, and respectful use.

DSC03959 copy.jpg


• Handmade rosewood box with interchangeable storage modules, soft inlay, and a tiny hidden section.

• Lockable with key.

• Portalbook guidebook & journal.

• Precision mg scale (0.001gr) with accessoires.

• Soft Eyemask.

• 4x Vials & 1x Storage jar.

Glass Vaporizer GvG (Optional) .

• Lighter, blue flame torch.

• Pipescreens & Liquid pads .

• Peer community support, early access to new products, and occasional digital meetups.


Breaking Through

 We aim to break through the stigma of psychedelic home use by building the most beautiful homages we can think of. We do this out of love and passion, and invite you to be an integral part of our mission. Let's upgrade from shoe boxes and Bob Marley bongs (we love Bob though).


Modular storage for all your sacraments


Each product is uniquely handmade


Free US shippin discretely packed


Community access for advice and support

What Others Say


"Duncan Trussell here!! It’s amazing! What a wonderful way to create a sacred storage space for our dimension hopping technologies. They deserve more than drawers and cigar boxes and ziplock bags! You two clearly understand set and setting. I’m proud to be an owner of this glorious box. God bless you and save travels!"

- Duncan Trussell


Get The Most out of
your Journey

We can optionally include a glass Sherlock Vaporgenie, which is a community favorite for breaking through to the other side. It will include a free travel pouch, liquid pads, pipe screens, and complete instructions.

We included the most beautiful and insightful guidebook we could create.

We freely included Portalbook allows you to optimally prepare and integrate the experiences you have. It's co-written with (harm reduction) experts, researchers, and features beautiful artwork. It is filled with information about all kinds of molecules, their history, and practical use.

We are truly blessed to receive help from visionary artists Luis Tamani, Ayjay Art, Geenss Archenti, Hakan HisimJulian Garces, Cosmic JesterSunTerryAshley ChristudasonBart van Hertum, Gavinger, Lachlan Wardlaw, Spero Art, and Shane Sedlak.

The book comes for free inside the Portalbox, but is also available as a separate product.

About us

Founded in Amsterdam.
Evolved through a Worldwide network of Psychonauts

In order to create the best, we need to continuously reflect and improve ourselves and our products. We're in constant connection with our community of 3000+ psychonauts and actively connect with fellow organizations. Read more about our vision here. Let's grow together.


Gathering reflections from Paul Stamets (Fantastic Fungi) & Rick Doblin (MAPS) at OPEN ICPR conference.


We support

Each product sold contributes to important psychedelic policy, science, education, and indigenous conservation projects. We also plant 1 tree for every box sold, and use plant-based leaether only.


The effects of plant medicine heavily depend on context and can be harmful if not used responsibly.These tools are not a cure-all and may not suit everyone. Always seek multiple sources and make informed decisions. Be very careful around SSRI’s and plant medicine and do your research around both. We neither endorse nor ship illegal substances. Our products are pieces of art, supplemented by information around safety and respect. Please always follow local laws.

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