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The Portalbox is a premium, handmade wooden storage box with accessories. We've carefully selected optimal tools and included harm-reduction information about plant medicine to get rid of poor practices.

€340 | $ 370


We neither endorse nor sell illicit substances. Please adhere to local laws. The effects of plant medicine are context-dependent and can be harmful if used irresponsibly. Our products are artistic creations accompanied by safety tools and guidelines. Research on plant medicine safety is ongoing; consult multiple sources and professionals for informed decisions. Never take plant medicine when feeling depressed, instead seak professional guidance.

Handmade Rose Wood Box
Portier Supplies


• Handmade rosewood box with interchangeable storage modules, soft inlay, and a tiny hidden section.

• Portalbook guidebook & journal.

• Lockable with key.

• Precision measuring scale (0.001gr) 

• Soft Eyemask.

• 4x Vials & 1x Storage jar.

Glass Vaporizer GvG (Optional) .

• Lighter, blue flame torch.

• Pipescreens & Liquid pads .

• Peer community support.

Portier Supplies

Modular and lockable storage


Each product is uniquely handmade


Free US shipping, discretely packed


Community access for advice and support

What Others Say


Portier and its founders are the real deal. Fantastic craftsmen, honest business people, and healing psychonauts sent here to guide us through such a modern age as our own. From the very beginning, I could tell this was a true passion project and I'm so glad that I was able to get on board from such an early stage of its inception. They were incredibly communicative and present from start to finish. I have no idea how they managed to produce this glorious product and ship it out during a global pandemic. I am forever grateful for how hard they worked to make it happen. The box itself is an absolute masterpiece. A centerpiece for all my molecular ceremonies. The attention to detail. All the little particulars that were thought of really make the product something to behold. The book is well written with some amazing insights. I appreciate the time they took to make it both informative and spiritually whole. The instruments that were included are all top-notch and well thought of. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them and I wish them luck on all they do. Thank you!

- Peter R.

Portier Supplies

We support

Each product sold contributes to important psychedelic policy, science, education, and indigenous conservation projects. We also plant 1 tree for every box sold, and use plant-based leaether only.

+ Various research organisations

Included guidebook & journal

A psychedelic guidebook and journal. The booklet features chapters on psychedelic history and usage of various plant medicine types. This booklet is co-written by those working in the fields of harm reduction and research and includes information on safety profiles, preparation, and integration. It features art from renowned visionary artists.

Portier Supplies

Co-created with a global community.

In order to create the best, we need to continuously reflect and improve ourselves and our products. We need to stay on top of research and are in constant connection with our community of 3000+ psychonauts, researchers and harm-reduction experts.

Portier Supplies
Portier Supplies

Gathering reflections from Paul Stamets (Fantastic Fungi) & Rick Doblin (MAPS) at OPEN ICPR conference.

Portier Supplies
About us

The effects of plant medicine heavily depend on context and can be harmful if not used responsibly.These tools are not a cure-all and may not suit everyone. Always seek multiple sources and make informed decisions. Be very careful around SSRI’s and plant medicine and do your research around both. If possible in your country, always seek proper supervised and professional support versus experimenting with substances on your own. We neither endorse nor ship illegal substances. Our products are pieces of art, supplemented by information around safety and respect. Please always follow local laws.

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