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In development.


Elevate every aspect of your journey: preparation, usage, storage, and integration. 

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Upgrade to a beautifully designed sacred ceremony.

We aim to make psychedelic tools that are on par with the magnificence of the psychedelic state. We're carefully curating the best tools and guidance to elevate your sacred ceremony with psilocybine and other compounds.

Be optimally facilitated, from preparation to integration.

We're carefully designing the new handcrafted box with your input and that of thousands of likeminded peers around the world. Currently, we're in the design phase. You can still give your ideas by signing up to our newsletter.

Limited offer: get 150€ OFF

Beauty, to be shared.

Let's stop hiding our psychedelics in shoeboxes and proudly create the most beautiful tributes to them. Break through the current stigma that their use is something to be hidden away. 

Unlock flexible storage

Our modular design allows making space for any items you already own, whilest adding additional accsoires to optimize your journeys.

Meet the others.

Get in touch with likeminded explorers, and those serious about personal growth. We offer a chat community and online events to create meaningful relationships around a common passion. 

Be part of a global mission, supporting psychedelics.

Parts of our profits will go to important organizations in psychedelic policy, education, research, and conservation. Additionally, one tree is planted for every box we make.

Upgrade your knowledge as an advanced psychonaut.

Included ceremony guidebook with -by-step ceremonies and rituals for you to follow with the box. Doubles as an integration journal.


"Duncan Trussell here!! It’s amazing! What a wonderful way to create a sacred storage space for our dimension hopping technologies. They deserve more than drawers and cigar boxes and ziplock bags! You two clearly understand set and setting. I’m proud to be an owner of a glorious box. God bless you and save travels!"

- Duncan Trussell

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The effects of plant medicine heavily depend on context and can be harmful if not used responsibly.These tools are not a cure-all and may not suit everyone. Always seek multiple sources and make informed decisions. Be very careful around SSRI’s and plant medicine and do your research around both. We neither endorse nor ship illegal substances. Our products boxes are pieces of art, supplemented by information around safety and respect. Please always follow local laws.

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